Map of sites in Ukraine
Map of sites in Ukraine where Felbermayr equipment was used

Company “Felbermayr Wind Logistics LLC” or “FWL” was established in the city of Kramatorsk in Donestk region on April 26, 2011. At first, company’s equipment was used to mount and assemble modern wind generators (turbines) in the south-east of Ukraine. Today, FWL has assembled over 80 megawatt class units there. This year, company’s equipment was also used during reconstruction of “Uglegorskayia” thermal power plant in the city of Svetlodarsk Donetsk region. As we know, reconstruction of this plant was a top priority for the President and government of Ukraine. Despite complex working conditions, this priority task was completed on time and with maximum efficiency.

FWL today has a unique set of equipment in Ukraine, which consists of best samples of reliable units. Amongst these units, you can find hydraulic working platform model WT 1000 from a German firm Wumag Palfinger (Felbermayr classifies this platform model as F-103 LTK), which is currently unique and largest one in Ukraine.  Professionals call this platform “Queen of the Sky” because it was designed to work at top heights, for example, service modern wind turbines. This engineering masterpiece is mounted on a 5-axle all-terrain mobile crane chassis, which means the WT 1000 can go just about anywhere. Its heavy-duty workman basket with slewing range of 175 degrees can carry nominal loads of up to 600 kg up 103 meters(!) with ability to work in tight spots. You can find more on our F-103 LTK in “Our Machinery” section.