Our machinery

We are accustomed to being confronted with practically insoluble problems. At least they appear so at first sight. Our high-performance equipment and the knowledge of our experienced and competent employees can manage any tricky task.

For our computers, the interplay of parameters such as weight, projection and height are what count. For our specialists, it is new and unconventional solutions that make their daily work interesting. This leads to results that can only be realized with high levels of technical knowledge and a wide range of practical experience. 

In this section, we provide information on only the cranes that are currently already in the territory of Ukraine. This allows us to provide you more operative terms of the services provision crane with operator hire or lifting jobs of any complexityIf your project need additional or other equipment from a wide arsenal of Felbermayr - we will provide it. The crane hire division currently has a fleet of approx. 400 of the most modern caterpillar an mobile cranes with lifting capacities of almost 200 meters and load-bearing capacities of up to 1,000 tons. Perfectly matched additional equipment such as crawler tracks up to two meters wide, lifting platforms and optional reinforcement systems increase flexibility and efficiency. Even 200 meters above ground, if you like.

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Crawler Cranes with Lattice Boom 

Lineup crawler cranes Felbermayr in Ukraine includes 3 units, which were used when installing 60 modern wind turbines in the megawatt class Nikolaev, Zaporozhye and Lugansk regions and are currently working on the construction of the second stage of the wind farm "Botievo VES" in Botievo village, Zaporozhye region. This windfarm is proprietary "Wind Power", which belongs to a group of DTEK.

Lineup crawler cranes Felbermayr (Ukraine):


max. lifting capacity

Main boom

Lattice jib

Full specifications (download)

LR 1350/1

300 t

120 m

90 m

LR 1600/2

600 t

138 m

96 m

LR 1750

750 t

140 m

105 m

All-terrain mobile cranes with telescopic boom

Our range of compact crawler cranes complemented by a series of self-propelled cranes with telescopic boom, consisting of 4 units, which were used in the construction of wind farms in the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. Our crane LTM 1160-5.1 recently finished his work on Uglegorskaya TPP in the Donetsk region in government measures to restore part of the strategic facility for the energy system of Ukraine.

Lineup of mobile cranes with telescopic boom Felbermayr (Ukraine):


max. lifting capacity

Telescopic boom

Lattice jib

Full specifications (download)

LTM 1130-5.1

130 t

60 m

19 m

LTM 1160-5.1

160 t

62 m

36 м+7 m

LTM 1200/1

200 t

72 m

29 m+7 m

LTM 1220-5.1

220 t

60 m

36 m+7 m

Truck working platforms 

Company Felbermayr Wind Logistics LLC (UA) has a unique fleet of lifting machinery, consisting of the best examples of reliable special equipment, including a unique hydraulic truck working platform WT 1000 by the German company Wumag Palfinger (Felbermayr classification model name is F-103 LTK).

Lineup hydraulic truck working platforms Felbermayr (Ukraine):


Cage Capacity

Working Height

Lateral Outreach with cage capacity 450 kg

Full specifications (download)

F-103 LTK

600 kg

102.5 m

30 m